The AirVape X is one of the thinnest vaporizers currently available on the market. It is built for discreet use so no one will notice if you use the vape in public. For that reason it is very popular and many are sold.

The model X is the successor of the model Xs, the extremely popular model of the AirVape brand. In collaboration with a Youtuber, who is well known in the vape community, the brand created the X. Below are some improvements over its predecessor.

Greater capacity

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the AirVape X is that the herb chamber is about 25% larger compared to its predecessor. This allows you to vape for longer and makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Magnetic mouthpiece

The magnetic mouthpiece ensures that the chamber can be filled or emptied quickly and easily after use. Instead of unscrewing the mouthpiece, you now simply click it off. The magnet is so powerful that it is practically impossible to fall off in your pocket or during use.

Also for oil

In addition to dried cannabis, the vape can be used with concentrates. Think of hash oil or CBD oil. To use this option, drop a little oil on the supplied cushion. This will then be heated and vaporized just like the dried cannabis.


Improved quality

The quality is significantly better than its predecessor. This has to do with the improved materials used in it. The vape has a ceramic chamber, air path and mouthpiece that ensure that the flavors and power are better preserved.

Stronger battery

A powerful 1300 mAh lithium battery provides rapid heating in less than 20 seconds from the moment it is turned on. This is done using a combination of conduction and convection. A 1.3 inch, or 3.3 cm screen, shows the battery level and controls the exact temperature. The temperature range is from 93°C to 220°C. Of course, the vape is equipped with an automatic switch-off.

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